Dirty Gold

Posted: 17 January 2005 in observations, queerlife
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I’ve got marriage on the brain I guess. My ring came back from being sized today – sized down, which is a happier thing than sized up. I’d forgotten how much I like to see it sparkle in the sunshine and the look of it on my hand. It has diamonds, yes. Seven beautiful, sparkling, flashing diamonds. I know this isn’t good for the world. Thank goodness for the Clean Diamond Trade Act which required my diamond dealer to set non-conflict diamonds in my ring. I know it isn’t an ideal solution, but have you seen this ring? It really is gorgeous. Conscience soothed, I thought I could go tiptoeing happily into the world of the wedded, eco-concerns allayed. How wrong I was…

Organic Style (a great magazine, by the way) brought to my attention the pollution factor of gold mining and, as a result, wedding band production. The article proclaims that one gold wedding band produces 20 tons of mine waste. Not only that, cyanide is lamentably used on the metal and mining can leave fresh water more acidic than battery acid. We’re a family that buys free-range, non-caged, hand-fed, deep tissue massaged and manicured turkeys for Thanksgiving. I feel guilty getting a ring at all. Check out Green Karat to assuage your own guilt.


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