Allah Directs the Feet

Posted: 16 March 2005 in observations

Yesterday I was driving behind a nondescript white sedan driven by a dark-haired man. When I say nondescript I mean zero distinguishing characteristics. Not clean or super dirty. Not too big or small. No spoiler or loud music or dealer name. No damage, maybe an unnoticable ding. Registered until May of 06. Not different from any other average white car. Except for the bumper sticker.

In white on a green background it said “The mind directs the plans but Allah directs the feet”.

I called my wife, who was at that moment driving behind me. I’m behind an insurgent, I said.

What has working in global affairs, in intelligence, in a country at war done to me? For the record, I didn’t see the color of his skin or any other characteristic with which I could propagate other appalling stereotypes. Still, I was happy when his car pulled away.


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