Rotten Eggs

Posted: 25 March 2005 in work

My workplace has started to smell strangely of rotten eggs. Just now, actually. Recently enough to wonder if it’s me. Having only smelled of rotten eggs once or twice in my life, under extremely difficult circumstances, I doubt that it’s me. But you worry about things like that, don’t you? You walk around wondering if anyone else notices a rotten egg smell. Do they notice but assume it’s them? Or is your nose off?

My nose is usually off, for the record. It has super sonic sniffing devices that are also compulsive liars. There probably are no rotten eggs. Or, something else is rotten, masquerading as eggs. Regardless, I’m beginning to wonder if the smell is clinging to my clothes. Or maybe, it’s just clinging to my chances of getting into heaven. Here’s a thought on that courtesy of Prepare to Prepare to Think about that.

Bonus points if you, too, smell rotten eggs.


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