Adam Duritz v. Rivers Cuomo

Posted: 10 May 2005 in music, work
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I learned that Counting Crows replaced Weezer to sing the Shrek 2 intro song Accidentally in Love. I don’t know what Weezer would have come up with to sing but I’m thrilled that Rivers Cuomo was too busy meditating to chip in for two reasons. 1) I secretly enjoy the line: “these lines of lightning mean we’re never alone” and 2) Beverly Hills, Weezer’s latest contribution, though addicting, is airwave pollution. I’m not claiming Accidentally in Love is Counting Crows best work and I don’t listen to it in my spare time, but I’m for as much exposure for this band as possible.

Bonus points if you, too, are subjected to Shrek 2 between 3 and 4 in the morning. I recommend this if are in a miserable Shrek 2 v. 3am situation. Some of the 2004 posts are little gems.


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