Depraved (and not in that good way…)

Posted: 24 June 2005 in work

Tonight, my colleagues are treating me to a recording of 1984’s Red Dawn with Patrick Swayze. The premise is simple, WWIII comes to midwestern America, forcing high school age Patrick and friends to quickly flee to the mountains, form a militia and take back their country, all the while grappling with the bigger issues of reeducation camps, American imperialism and the questionable friendship of the UN. It’s fitting programming for the State Department, nestled as we are in the heart of operations day in and day out, watching parts of the world crumble and rebuild, charting threats as they veer toward us and exhaling cautiously with the close of each shift. Even so, the images are stark, Swayze’s acting questionable (“Don’t cry! Never cry!) and the premise bleak.

Is it too much to ask to get a nice little romantic comedy, a submarine drama, a zombie romp at 3am? On the other hand, bleak and stark is what my world looks like in the wee hours on a Friday morning. I guess I can’t object to a little death and destruction, Patrick Swayze style.

In lighter news, I have only 35 shifts remaining until I’m back to normal hours. Also, echoing my own recent sentiments, a coworker noted tonight that he was “totally sleep depraved”. Amen, brother. Amen.

Bonus points if you, too, are depraved – eight hours or not.


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