Take my Money, Please!

Posted: 5 July 2005 in bitter old woman, observations
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Dear Apple,

On behalf of non-males who wish to shop at your northern Virginia store, please advise your sales staff to consider actually assisting humans that walk though your door minus a little testosterone. Face it, if we come in and walk right to a piece of equipment, speaking knowledgeable and trying to make eye contact with you, it means we just may give you a lot of money in order to walk out the door with a big, white box.

And scruffy, unwashed sales staff, it’s understandable if you ignore me while I am looking at iPod socks, or happily fiddling with an iTunes application while my manly boyfriend attempts to play a riff on the keyboard attached to your biggest, fanciest system. I’d even understand if I was meandering aimlessly, but even then I’d hope you’d ask me if you could help me. After all, isn’t that your job? To sell me something? Or at least try to interest me in Apple’s cult?

Being a woman does not mean I am broke, with no credit, or am looking helplessly at something I don’t want/can’t afford/can’t understand. It doesn’t mean I’m windowshopping. You may think of giving it the old college try. Most of us are even sort of cute and you could consider helping us just to see us smile, if you aren’t interested in the revenue.

I came into the store weeks ago prepared to drop close to two grand without batting an eye and I couldn’t get a single one of you (no, not even the not-busy ones) to talk to me. I watched you studiously avoid every other woman in the store except a particularly fluttery bird who had a very large man in tow, while stopping to talk to twelve year olds and homeless folks warming their hands on your towers. I tried to stop one of you. I resorted to loudly asking for help. I was ready to pay you to talk to me, let alone give me a computer.

A mere suggestion…but don’t you want my business? Sincerely yours,
the backlist


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