Daddy Mac

Posted: 7 July 2005 in joy

My first computer was a tiny, portable thing that had a black and white monitor and hard drive in one compact box. It didn’t have an internet connection and it didn’t have a way to upgrade to one. Yes folks, I was the proud owner of a Mac Classic.
I used it for typing papers all through high school, college and grad school. It traveled all over the country with me, never slowing or voicing an error. When it came time to upgrade, I moved into the Dell country (and all of the system restore, faults and various error messages that brings with it). On my systems, at that time, there wasn’t an easy way to convert Mac files to PC files and so I laboriously trekked to the language lab where I was studying to convert each and every document I wanted to keep. I rationalized that I was never going back to Mac, that PCs would overtake the world. Some would argue that they have. However, I’ve never let go of the Mac dream.

But, here I am, typing from a Mac. An iMac G5.
Sparkly and shiny and reeking of cutting edge style. My current PC has descended into a death spiral and while the warranty is still in effect (and will probably result in a workable machine) it’s still a three year old model and, let’s face it, I’m a technology slut. I’ve slobbered over the idea of a Mac for months, but with the money burning a hole in my pocket and Apple’s reasonable refurbished deals, it became a possibility. Living with a musician and seeing the wonders of garageband made it a possibility. The FedEx man made it a reality.

Right now I’m stumbling over the fairly steep PC to Mac learning curve, but Mac doesn’t throw a fit and shut down if you push a random succession of keys while clicking the mouse, it even purrs a little in happiness (though I have to admit to accidentally turning the volume off once without knowing what I’d done). I’m thrilled to have moved away from Microsoft. In fact, I can’t believe I ever left Apple to begin with. Welcome home.


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