Lorraine, awkwardly

Posted: 24 July 2005 in other folks, queerlife
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In a lesbian ritual practiced the world over, Lorraine (D’s ex) and her new girlfriend came over to our house this morning.

My god, we’re those lesbians.

They did not come for brunch (I think that would make us gay men), but to deliver boxes. That’s right, D and I are moving from our 600 sq. ft.
The Mayapple: 652sqft.gifto a glorious 1200 sq. ft.
The Lily: The Lily And Lorraine, gracious as ever, volunteered the boxes she gets in abundance at the library where she works. I never thought she’d go so far as to bring them over. And step over the threshold.

It had to have been awkward for her. After all, that’s her ex-cat sitting on top of her ex-couch. And there on the television is a picture of her ex-girlfriend standing next to me, her ex-friend, in newly wedded bliss. In 600 sq. ft., all you can do is stand around, awkwardly, and we did, but not, fortunately, for longer than 10 minutes. Nor did we have to give Lorraine and her loved one the bums rush. Frankly, I think they cleared out just as fast as they could. I’d call it a milestone if it weren’t for the the uneasy awkwardness of it all. So in honor of awkward Lorraine, I bring you…
Robert’s Rules of Lesbian Living (the usenet version)


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