Stop What You’re Doing and Pay Attention to Me!

Posted: 30 July 2005 in other folks, work
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Do you know those people who need to draw as much attention to themselves as possible? I’m sure you do, I’m sure you call them “those people” with something of a sneer. I dated one of those people once, she was loud all over, laughed loudly, talked loudly, gestured loudly (if that’s possible). If you had a story, she had a better one. If you had a bad day, she had a worse one. Even without prodding from anyone else, she would top her own tales, going on and on until she fell fast asleep at night. She took up more space than she needed when she entered a room and if she had a problem, she shared it with you, loudly, and expected you to help her solve it. Because by being one of those people, she would have combusted into a thousand pieces if she noticed you were doing something other than noticing her.

Can you imagine what happened when I left her for D?

But she isn’t the object of this post. It’s another one of those people, blithly talking non-stop (loudly) about her many problems. She’s at work, and these are problems she should be able to solve on her own. It’s clear from the expressions of those around her that she has worn out her welcome. She demands that they help her solve her problem. “But, I’m $100 in the hole!”, she cries. They ignore her. She does other things, working, but always comes back to the problem: She has to pay the water man, and there isn’t enough money in the fund. You don’t need to understand much more than that, only know that she’s still asking, several hours later, and I’m certain one of her colleagues might kill her.

Then we got a phone call to let us know that Condi was off to play tennis. The woman wondered (loudly) if Rice had a male tennis partner. “I’m sure she enjoys the fierce competition of playing against a man”, she leered. Upon getting nothing but skeptical silence from her more decorous colleagues, she launched into a monologue about how she prefers to play against men. Of course she does. They might be the only people who might think her non-stop prattle is cute.


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