DB @ the PL

Posted: 12 August 2005 in DC

If you’ve ever watched CSI, or any other cop show for that matter, you know that a DB is a dead body. Whenever cops find one lying around they always say, tersely, “We’ve got a DB here”. Then they give all sorts of identifying information about the poor chap. In this case, we’ve got a DB at the public library. He’s lying on the grass, in the shade, almost as if he were deeply into the latest James Patterson thriller. Cops are milling about, looking professional, but there aren’t flashing cameras, no fancy CSI painted vehicles, nothing happening really, except for blue uniformed officers standing around a white male. A rather chubby one, at that. Oh, I hope the belly isn’t a result of the hot sun and… ugh. Why do I even go there?

At any rate, this makes my third official DB to have died under traumatic circumstances. Isn’t that too many for one lifetime? On the other hand, I’m not sure if I’m more disturbed by that, or the fact that we were all just sort of using the library, while a dead man lay just out front. I felt awkward about it and didn’t stay long. Can’t blame me, can you?


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