Out of Toilet Paper

Posted: 25 August 2005 in observations, other folks, work
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I’m wondering what the bathroom ettiquette for lack of toilet paper is:

Today, in the tiny, three stall at my new office, one of my new coworkers calls out, “Can you pass me some toilet paper? I seem to be out.”

I, washing my hands, pause. No one has ever taught me how much TP to pass. What if she needs a lot? What if I give her a lot and she thinks I’m an environment abuser for not giving her just one square? If I give her a lot will she think I think she’s doing something lengthy in there? But if I give her just a bit, I don’t want her to have to dash, pants around ankles into the adjacent stall when I leave.

I end up passing a good amount, saying “I don’t want to judge, so I’m giving you a lot.” That was probably too much, wasn’t it?

Bonus points if you know what Emily Post has to say on the matter.


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