Look into my Crystal Ball

Posted: 4 May 2006 in other folks

I wouldn’t say I come from an easily influenced family.  We aren’t overly religious, but we’re all a touch spiritual, we don’t disbelieve in things like ghosts or past lives, but we don’t make a big deal out of believing in them.  That said, it doesn’t stop us from the occasional 10 dollars to a palm reader on the boardwalk on a sunny Saturday once in a decade.  And, it apparently doesn’t stop us – or at least my mother – from stopping in to see a psychic. 

My mother maintains that she felt called to speak to her (the woman was doing a book signing at her store) and that in the course of an hour session, the woman spoke to practically every one of my mom’s relatives, noting how they identified themselves (your father-in-law loved owls, she said) and what they had to say about my family (your middle daughter [not me] has so many guides, she’s exceptionally watched over) and my family’s friends (your youngest daughter [not me] is in a relationship that isn’t the best for her, the boy doesn’t give back).  My mom didn’t want to tell me everything the psychic said (oh honey [me], something is going to happen to someone one of you knows, not you, not you, and I just don’t want to burden you) and didn’t have much to report about me (she got the standard traveler, strong woman stuff but nothing else – that’s what I’d say about anyone if I were a psychic).   She noted that my mom and I have a strong connection, and we do – doesn’t every oldest daughter?

I’d like to see a psychic myself.  I’d like someone to explain why mirrors look murky (spirits trying to communicate the psychic says) and why no one ever reads anything about me except that I’m passionate and I travel (the spirits admire her, the psychic says).  Do I create white noise?  I feel like I must or that at least once some psychic person would have said something to me other than strong, travels, passionate.  I’d like someone to tell me how on pages and pages of numbers, I can pick out the number we’re looking for faster than anyone else.  I’d like to know why I dream about the same things my wife dreams about on the same nights.  I’d like to know why I know I know what’s going to happen 5 seconds before you do.  All the time.  No, really. 

I’m used to being a step ahead.  In fact, on days I haven’t been a step ahead, I’ve felt impaired somehow, like someone cut off the tips of my fingers, plugged my ears with cotton and made me wear dark sunglasses inside.  Is this a case of being extra sensitive to verbal/non-verbal cues?  Or is there gift and do I have it?  I’ve read tea leaves and palms with amazing accuracy (and with a stunning lack of credentials).  But I don’t think that’s anything more than perceptive intuiting, do you?  Having never been to a psychic myself, I don’t know what I’d expect to see or hear.  But if I get around to going, I’ll report back.  And if I go, I’d like to go to Lily Dale in New York.  If you’re going to go, go big right?  At least one of them is likely to say something other than traveler, strong woman, right?


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