Bad Luck

Posted: 27 June 2006 in bitter old woman, therapy
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I have to wonder if I have some sort of curse. In fact, I’ve spent the last several days thinking about anyone I could have made angry that would have both a) a mean streak and b) access to powerful voodoo magic.

What else explains the year of constant health problems (broken ankle, possibly broken foot, cavity that can’t be numbed and therefore can’t be filled, only drilled at painfully, pre-cancerous pap and subsequent painful cervical biopsy, the PCOS, the new glasses), the year of car problems (back window leaks, drivers side window goes off track and sticks (then is repaired for a pretty penny), the carpet is inexplicably sopping on one side after the recent storms, the passenger side door is letting water in, the car window has stuck again (and will probably need to be repaired…again), the frequent doctors appointments, the frequent phone calls to people who can’t fix things/aren’t nice/cost money etc.  It just goes on…the windows in the house are leaking, the cats keep throwing up, really, the only thing that’s right about life is D.

I wish I weren’t complaining, but I fell a little bit better.  Aren’t you glad you helped?  Now…how do I lift a curse?


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