Customer Loyalty

Posted: 26 July 2006 in joy, propaganda
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I’ve been a customer with Working Assets for 10 years.  Of course I had forgotten this (yes, I knew it was a long time, but not that long) when I called to update my billing information.  The customer service rep nicely talked through my update with me and then offered me a phone, free, for being a loyal customer.  I’ve had the old one for just over a year and it works fine, though it does sometimes forget to tell me I have voicemail.  But sure, I’ll take a free camera flip phone, thanks!

I’ve though about leaving Working Assets once or twice, for a Verizon family plan or some other sort of savings system.  In the end, it turns out that my 10 years worth of loyalty and the donations to eco-sensitive, gay-friendly, human rights organizations while acting as a political force on my behalf are too much to compromise.  Who knew I’d get integrity in my old age?


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