Posted: 30 July 2007 in A-Z, writing
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I wrote last one year ago.  I didn’t go off to do anything exciting and I didn’t make a vaunted, dramatic announcement about this blog going on hiatus.  I didn’t because it wasn’t just this blog.  It was a mental, physical, practical, necessary hiatus.  I’m constantly plagued with self-doubt about the quality of what I write anywhere (I consider myself an expert greeting card writer, but the title came with painstaking years of practice); I turned out to be unstable than I thought and less stable than I needed to make a routine of anything; and, I simply ran out of things to say. 

 Jon at one of my favorite blogs to follow – the Chocolate Runners Blog – has taken to finding the dead blogs among us.  Part of me, I’m sure, simply didn’t want to be called out as a dead blog.  What else would you call it though, with the most recent entry dating from August 2006?  I find I have more to say now.  Perhaps not enough to make a practice again, but enough that if I don’t start saying things soon, my mind will be full to over-flowing.  You didn’t know you were a release valve, did you.  Soon enough I’ll be hissing onto the page again, whether motivated by Jon or by the pressure of an unexpected hiatus.

  1. linaria says:

    hey, greeting cards are a perfectly legitimate form of writing. you’re welcome to send me a one anyday.

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