Holes in Space

Posted: 3 November 2007 in observations

As busy as D. and I are, it seems like there are entire rooms of the house – even corners of rooms of the house – that disappear for days – or weeks – at a time.  Right now, there’s a big, dark hole where the kitchen used to be.  I’m sure it’s there somewhere.  In fact, I can hear the slight sound of laundry coming from some place in the void.  I know food should come out of there and I know that I’d like it to come back so that I can cook in there.  But, it’s gone.  Aside from the laundry noises and the occasional sputtering of rogue pieces of Halloween candy, you’d think the house just ended. 

Of course, there is a corner of the bathroom missing too.  In fact, it’s the entire under-the-sink area and one corner that might or might not have swallowed a few damp towels.  The stairwell is a black hole where shoes and newspapers might have been once; how we’re getting up and down the stairs, I have no idea.  The spare bedroom has gaps in the space continuum like a Dalmatian has spots.  Who knows what will be swallowed up next. 

Proven remedies for black holes include generous applications of sweat and cleaning fluids.  I may have to beat the encroaching darkness back with the vacuum.  Before you know it, I’ll be brandishing the Windex in the direction of the hall.   Wish me luck, I cannot survive on taco bell alone. 


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