It runs in the family…

Posted: 6 November 2007 in other folks, therapy, work
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My sister called today to announce, through tears, that she was coming to spend the weekend.  I’m devoted to my sister, but she’s 3000 miles and a pricey plane ticket away from this weekend.  As it stands though, she’s coming to drown her sorrows in a cold snap and fall leaves. 

When I told D., the first thing she said was, “She’s not moving in with us again, is she?”  And thank goodness, she’s not.  But she is grappling with a best friend who hates her boyfriend-almost-fiance and the third year of law school.  If I were her, I’d run away too. 

It runs in the family.  I also made a 3000 mile bolt one year.  The Foreign Service, wonderful though it may be, isn’t known for its tranparent, fast hiring process.  I’d been told, over and over, that I’d need to be in DC  in late September.  The Thursday before class started, I still sat, still in sunny Arizona, still unpacked, still without a plnae ticket, still in shorts, still without knowing where I needed to be on Monday.  When I called (no, no not in panic, really!), they told me that if things “worked out,” I’d need to be there in a suit and heels, shiny and happy.  I still did not own a suit.  So I bought a ticket instead of a suit, and flew to Chicago to stay with my mother’s best friend.  She bought me a piece of pie, and let me be a runaway for a weekend.  I’ve never forgotten how kind she was not to ask what I was running from.

Bonus points if you, too, run further than the nearest Baskin Robbins if you want to escape…

  1. Oh, no Baskin Robbins in Boston. It’s usually just to the coop, to raid their stash of Chunky Monkey.

    THanks for your comment over at my blog. You’re welcome back any ol’ time.

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