Voodoo Secrets

Posted: 13 November 2007 in observations

As has already been addressed, bad luck and voodoo are what draws most folks to this page.  Before we every get started, points for getting here some other way.

So in an effort to reward those of you hoping for more voodoo (Seriously people, there is no remedy for bad luck.  Stop putting the eggs under your bed.) I bring you this delightful picture of my cat.  Before you click off in a huff (Cats? you say?  I didn’t come here for cat pictures.  Sheesh.) know that this cat has a habit of making the television decisions when we’re not looking.  And this is what he picks:


  1. rye says:

    AwwwWW! How adorably evil!

  2. backlist says:

    Oh yes. He’s over the top.

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