Picture Perfect

Posted: 14 November 2007 in DC, observations, Uncategorized

The autumn days I wait for are the humid, grey days.  Sure, the crisp, blue sky days are perfect, when the air smells like crackling fires and drying leaves, but the days just after a rain, when the wet is still heavy in the air, are the days I look around fascinated by the popping color.  Things have to be just right, of course.  The air; heavy, warm, un-fall-like.   The sky; clouds, or dim, or at that point just before dusk when everything but the most saturated colors are washed out.  Most important, the trees; bare enough for the damp, black wood to show through.  And, the leaves; orange or yellow, no reds or browns or greens.  Those perfect, tall trees with their skeletons showing a flat coal against the brilliant, neon of the leaves.  It defies a photo.  But when I take one, you’ll be the first to know.

  1. That was today, in some regards, at least until it started raining. I actually got to spend time in the hammock on the back porch, enjoying the warm grey air, and not feeling like my face was going to crack and fall off in the cold.

  2. backlist says:

    Those are the absolute best days. I’m going to need a hammock. And a place to hang it.

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