Day Two – Shorter

Posted: 18 November 2007 in triptastic

Chicago to Sioux Falls took us, dully, through Minnesota farmland and, stunningly, over the Mississippi.  I’ve seen the Mississippi before, but only in the south and only when I was a sullen, bored teenager.  Not the best conditions for a memory.  In Minnesota, the Mississippi was brilliantly blue and flowing faster than I would have thought possible.  We were prepared to be unimpressed, especially after crossing a series of smaller rivers that we throught were probably the Mississppi headwaters.  D. astutely pointed out that such a landmark would probably have a sign and, indeed, it did.  I was so enthralled that I had trouble concentrating on the wind and the oversized semi on the crossing.  No pulloff for photos, but we did acquire cheese curds in Wisconsin, snow in Minnesota and really delicious pie in Sioux Falls.  Tomorrow may hold a corn palace and the badlands.  But it will definitely hold a short drive and that will be a delight.

  1. MKD says:

    Hope your thanksgiving is good and the trip was worth all of the packing.

  2. rye says:

    Why do I suddenly feel like taking a road trip?? haha

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