Straw and Moose…

Posted: 21 November 2007 in joy, observations, other folks, triptastic

Life is a bit different here.  We’re urban folks.  The dog has a reflective collar and a shiny red leash.  We have fancy winter jackets that are supposed to be good in the cold but are really only good in northern Virginia.  Our boots aren’t so scuffed.  We shower.  And so on. 

Here, the dogs make the 2 acre run to the river every morning.  They don’t wear leashes and they chase deer and rabbits at will.  There sniff around the ice and snow and get lost in the sagebrush.  Here, no one scrapes the moose shit off of their shoes and they wear an odd combination of farm pants (there is no farm) and winter survival gear.  This morning when we walked the dog it was 4 below.  I fed a horse a carrot today.  It’s a wild, unbroken horse that they lassoed and put in the corral.  I’m not sure I really know my family anymore.

Lest you think my entire family is covered in moose excrement and straw, tomorrow my sister the princess arrives.  Her boyfriend asked her to marry him tonight (we know because he called my parents to ask them for permission.)  I’ve already started building up the appropriate princess-level of enthusiasm for the ring.  Given her standards, her urban standards, it had better be good.

  1. It sounds like fun, actually– the runs to the river and the moose shit, not the ring admiring.

  2. rye says:

    You make me want to live in the country! Well, except for the moose shit.
    Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

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