Points Redeemed!

Posted: 23 November 2007 in joy, the fantastic, triptastic

I know you’ve been dutifully tallying your points.  Even if you lost track, you definitely got more than enough bonus points in the last two days for listening to me complain to redeem your prize.  I promise, it was worth it.  I bring you the dog:


  1. So thoughtful an expression! “If I look sad, will she give me some turkey?”

  2. rye says:


  3. Linsey says:

    so sweet. i will trade you three bad cats for that dog. deal?

  4. backlist says:

    Unfortunately we already have two bad cats. We’d be in serious trouble with five. not to mention the nasty stereotype…

  5. linaria says:

    cutest dog EVER. plus, you get points for having both dog *and* cats–good stereotypical lesbians should have at least one of the two, right? but then, K. and I have bunnies, which are just as cute but not much like either.

  6. backlist says:

    but bunnies make you perfect. least I think so!

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