Posted: 24 November 2007 in DC, school, triptastic

I think I’ll miss you all once NaBloPoMo is over (and couldn’t we have come up with a better name folks?)  While I’ve struggled a bit with coming up with something to say every day, I’m delighted to read everything you all have to say every day.  Let’s make a deal – you keep posting every day and I’ll just sit back and read.  No?  Well, I don’t know when you got so inflexible.  Points off for sheer orneriness. 

We’re only in Wyoming for one more day.  Do you think it’s odd that my mother says and has always said “Wyome”?  It isn’t as if she has any sort of speech impediment and she says other -ing words just fine.  Leaving Wyome means that we won’t have to eat the spiritually blessed buffalo anymore.  Not in our lasagna, in our stuffing, as sausage, as a roast or in any other way.  We won’t have to put our boots on just to go outside and we won’t have to stand, shivering, as the dog sniffs around for the umpteenth minute.  We won’t have to hear my sister talk about my niece’s constipation and we can lay in our own bed, stretched out and well, doing the things grown-ups do when no one is around to listen in.

So, December is bringing changes.  You’ll still be writing while I read (Come on, please?) but I’ll be reading from home at last.  My semester will be nearly over and that means I won’t be half as much of a basket case as I am now.  And well, it’s December.  A new month is a promising month, after all.

  1. I’ll still be reading. Pinky swear. And goodness knows, it’s impossible to shut me up.

  2. rye says:

    I want to keep reading, too! So keep writing …. please??

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