Day 10 – Boulder

Posted: 26 November 2007 in joy, observations, triptastic

We left bright and early this morning (my father – “not too early, the roads are congested.  Deer.”) and arrived in Boulder after a long day searching for the sort of beer they don’t have on the east coast but which some people – our housesitters included – cannot live without. (my mother – “why would you want beer when you can have grey goose?” The hotel is completely green which is the most wonderful thing.  Three trashcans in the room for every sort of recycling, water conservation, solar power etc.  We even got a puupy gift bag and jaunty bandanna.  Oh god, are we those sort of pet mothers? Boulder itself is very friendly and green and has instantly ascended to our top list of places to move to TM. (my father – “lefty pinkos.”) (my mother – “but honey, don’t you want to go back to Brazil?”) (me – …hate…)

Tomorrow, Tulsa.

  1. rye says:

    hahaha – I love the mother/father commentary!

    And I am VERY impressed with the green-ness of the hotel in which you stayed. What? It’s a word.

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