Day 12 – Tennesee and Arkansas

Posted: 28 November 2007 in triptastic

I think you wouldn’t find two people more happy to be out of Oklahoma and Kansas than D. and I.  Tennessee, on the other hand, was simply gorgeous.  Even without the luxurious coat of summer green.  The hotel is ten times better than last night.  You know you’re in trouble when you wake up in the morning piled on top of each other because of the crater int he mattress, the bathroom door doesn’t shut and the dog keeps trying to bite some thing in the crevice between the bed and the table.

We’ll wrap up this trip in just a couple of days.  Tomorrow takes us to D.’s grandmother’s grave in Roanoke.  A spit of a town in southern Virginia.  It’s a short day though Knoxville and then tomorrow on back home.  So far though, my favorite has been a tie between South Dakota (most entertaining) and Tennessee, most delightful.  Look for a list of superlatives when the trip is over. 

  1. Pictures? Never been to Tennessee, but I have seen parts of Kentucky and WV, and they are gorgeous.

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