Virginia -> Wyoming & Back: Best Of (Now w/Photo!!)

Posted: 30 November 2007 in observations, triptastic

Most Roadkill – South Dakota
Most Wind Farms – Kansas
Most Entertaining – South Dakota, West Side
Best River – Minnesota, Mississippi River
Most Diverse Roadkill – South Dakota
Worst Roads – Tie: Indiana and Colorado
State We’re Most Likely To Move To – Tie: Tennessee and Colorado
State We’re Never Moving To – Kansas
Most Gory Roadkill – South Dakota
Best Accomodations – Super 8, Rapid City, SD
Best For You Accomodations – Outlook, Boulder, CO
Most Toll Roads – Ohio
States Note Meriting a Mention – Arkansas
State Most Scary At Night – Oklahoma
Most Deer – Wyoming
State We Were Most Happy To Leave Behind – Tie: Kansas and Oklahoma
Best Night Sky – Wyoming
States Not Meriting Mention – Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Wisconsin
Most Welcome Sight – Virginia

Wyoming moon


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