Migraines Worse for You than Drugs.

Posted: 3 December 2007 in bitter old woman

If you’ve never had one, I worship you.  And when you get one for the first time, I will bring you cool washcloths and Advil and water and coke and aspirin and coffee and shut the blinds and ply you with every folk remedy I know of.  I will buy you Head On, and Kool’n’Soothe and Migra-Cap.  I will do crazy dances to the migraine gods but very very quietly so that I don’t make a peep.  I will not stir the air by your bedside.  I will take out all the light bulbs and will stop. that. damn. cat. from. purring.  It’s worth it.  You’re worth it.   When I say I know how you feel, I’m not kidding.

Apparently, Mark over at Mark’s Daily Apple has dug up even more information to inspire me to tiptoe and whisper and inject you with caffeine.  It turns out migraines cause brain damage.  Well, perhaps I’ve over simplified it.  You can go see for yourself.  Now, I take most of what Mark says with a grain of salt and a doughnut.  No, seriously.  He’s far more health conscious than I .  But this entire blog could turn into a treatise on migraines, that’s how often I get them.  So I’m gratified to know that the handful of pills I pour down my throat every night and at the slightest sign of an ache might be doing something.  What I know they aren’t doing?  Fending off the auras, the nausea, the blind spots, the throbbing, the sharp searing pain.  Well, at least, they aren’t doing it often enough.  And by that I mean never.

In fact, I’m far better off than I used to be, though I hate the thought of taking the pills that stop the migraines.  Of course I want them to go away, but couldn’t I do that with a tea of comfrey or a voodoo egg ceremony (readers with many points will know that’s my speciality)?  Is it so hard to want nature to fix this?  Apparently, it’s too much to ask.  So I pop the pills.  But now I’m doing it to avoid brain damage.  Yay!

  1. Hmph. I have had them on and off and now I am entering an off phase. But I will sacrifice some eggs for you.

  2. rye says:

    I am a fellow sufferer. And I don’t like the pills that supposedly stop the migraines, either. They made me short of breath, completely disoriented and half the time they didn’t even work. Not to mention my insurance at the time wouldn’t cover them. Bah!

  3. backlist says:

    Ooh mine make my legs numb. Fun for everyone!

  4. sbpoet says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry! I get them, but only rarely — two or three times a year. And if I pay attention to that weirdness in my eyes, and get to bed *immediately* I can forestall most of the pain.

    It’s waking up with one that does me in.

    My sympathies.

  5. backlist says:

    Isn’t waking up with one just the worst? I think I might be getting one just thinking about it…

  6. I get a few hours’ notice. I will wake up at 6 and know I will be getting it around 9 or 10, enough time to call into work, take a Maxalt, and go back to sleep with the eye mask on, and kick the purring cat out of the bedroom. Not in quite that order. Topamax is a decent preventative and has decreased both the frequency and severity of mine, though it has a host of side effects. Tingling extremities require extra potassium but are preferable to the migraine. Enough sleep is essential. Speaking of which, my bed is calling.

  7. backlist says:

    I’m glad to see the topomax is working. I’ve got amatriptilyne for that and alternate between the maxalt and relpax. oooh wait – we sound like sooo much fn to hang out with…

  8. Marc says:

    I find The auras are starting to last longer and longer, but I usually got tingly/ loss of feeling in my face/arms/ legs? this normal? Then the onset of the migraine occurs with the pain located above my right eye. If I take pills right as aura comes on I’m fine but if i wake up in the middle of a migraine the pills do nothing. Usually I knew I couldn’t have one right after the other but the last three days it has occured everyday,

  9. backlist says:

    Yeah, sometimes I lose feeling in parts of my arms, hands, face too. The worst is when the pills don’t work. Good luck!

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