oh, patrick swayze

Posted: 7 December 2007 in school

I admit, when I need a simple topic (and let’s be honest, finals week doesn’t give me a lot of brainpower to think of my own topic) I go right to the search results that get folks to this page.  Someone, and I don’t know who you are, came here looking for this: “patrick swayze don’t cry hold it back”

I am so sorry.  Instead you got my first grade poetry.  My, you must have been disappointed.  But enough about you…when did I ever write about Patrick Swayze? 

Here’s to you having a delicious weekend.  I’ll be doing homewor…oh no I won’t, cause I’m DONE!

  1. Yay! Hope you do lots of previously postponed things, like leisure reading, catching up on sleep, and having a social life!

  2. backlist says:

    social life? oh, that thing where you see people. Right. Step 1!

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