Col. Mustard with the Lead Pipe

Posted: 8 December 2007 in observations, the fantastic

In the chain of odd happenings in front of our house (you’ll remember the mysterious photographer and the strange white van) you can add a Jack of Diamonds. 

This morning, D. woke up and, in looking out the window, noticed a face down playing card on my window.  It’s not one of ours (thank goodness, that would be beyond weird).  It had been buried under four inches of snow for the last several days and she brought it in, to eventually brandish the soggy card and declare “The Jack of Diamonds means gambler!  Aren’t you glad it isn’t the Jack of Spades?  That means murder…”

Oddly enough, I was home studying on the day it snowed and, necessarily, walking the dog every time he got bored enough to make a fuss. There hadn’t been a card on the window when I looked inside through the flurries for my mittens and, shortly after that, the blanket of snow covered everything.  No doubt it blew there, though nothing was blowing that day. 

So what does Jack of Diamonds mean?  It could be communication and news.  Or, it could be that someone wants me to buy this Dashboard Jesus, according to Google Images.  Or it could be that the author of this dead blog is talking me.  Or it could be that nasty wind.  He’s had it in for me for ages.

Points for always losing at solitaire.


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