Privacy – Take Two

Posted: 10 December 2007 in observations, other folks, writing

Seems that everyone has something to say about blog outness.  And thank goodness, since I hadn’t seen it your way at all.  I’d love to write about all the things that grab my interest from one day to the next.  But I don’t want to make my mother blush or get googled by a colleague while I make scandalous remarks about Condeleeza Rice. 

Anyone with an ounce of persistence could put two and two together.  I’ve said where I work (though I do so less frequently now since I work with one zealot who looks for bloggers who might be exposing some state secret so that he can expose them.  His idea of state secret extends to unflattering statements about our boss and her dicey politics.)  I’ve discussed my family at length (who’s getting married, who is married, and so forth.  Yes, they are really that boring.  Yes, they still cause me enough angst to write about it.)  I’ve talked about our friends (even the internet savvy ones who don’t need to know how I really feel.  And by extension know how diplomatic I’ve been lately.) 

So what don’t I write about?  The details of what I do.  Why?  Too much risk.  Not for losing my job as for damaging my professional credibility.  And I don’t write about my sex life because, as interesting as it may be, it might offend the sensitive among you.  Besides, not much is more dull than who did what to whom where.  Either at work or in bed. 

Despite that clear boundary, I still wonder if using this as a forum for every last life detail would be more fulfilling or if it would (and I suspect this is more likely) drive us both away.  So I’ll continue with the status quo, at least for the time being.  But, before I forget to say it, I deeply admire those of you who use your names and feature other identifying factors.  You’re cute and fun and that shirt looks great on you. 

Not to mention, bonus points for sharing your insight.

  1. rye says:

    Aww, and I like your shoes! They’re fabulous! 🙂 lol

    I don’t blame you one bit for not wanting to damage your professional credibility. If I had any sense of “professionalism,” I probably would feel the same way.

  2. Linsey says:

    I’d think again about using my name on my site if I worked for a larger company or corporation that would take my ramblings more seriously than my current employers. I also think there is a fine line when it comes to discussing certain things. I tend to stay away from intimate personal details regarding my relationships and my specific views on things like religion and politics. Mostly I joke my way around these things. I think too much detail (especially regarding one’s romantic life) can be kind of creepy.

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