If I die in the night…

Posted: 11 December 2007 in observations

I came home this afternoon to a house that smelled like new paint.  Or turpentine.  Or gas?  But not gas.  There’s no gas in our house.  I opened all the windows and turned off the heat, something that is sure to make D. paralyzed with shivering, shaking pleading to “just. close. one. window. please.” But at least it’s a balmy December night.  And now it smells like lighter fluid.  Or a self cleaning oven.  Or charcoal?  But not charcoal.  It’s December, balmy or no.  And when I came in, the dog was throwing up but the cat seemed fine.  Probably because he’s evil.  And, now, it’s ammonia.  Or varnish.  Or chemicals?  But not chemicals.  Cause the only things not pure of the earth are under the sink.  The one and only place in the house that smells normal.  I mean even our shampoo is practically a soaproot.  It’s not like we have random paint thinner lying around to spill. 

So, if I die in the night, you’ll know what happened.  Or you won’t.  There’s no points for death folks.

  1. rye says:

    Oh, that sounds horrible. So many strong smells. I hope you find the cause soon … and that you don’t “die in the night,” of course!

  2. rye says:

    So, umm … did you die?

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