Still Breathing

Posted: 12 December 2007 in the fantastic

Well, I haven’t died.  Bonus points to Rye for concern – and rightly so!  Those fumes were fierce.

In other news entirely, today I bring news that the dog is actually learning something.  Either that, or he has the timing of Houdini.  As we yelled at him yet again for trying to take a book off the shelf (to chew, no doubt) and as he had the spine of Grimm’s Fairy Tales gripped ever so carefully in his teeth, he shot us a sideways look (as if to say, okay lady, I heard you) and then carefully shoved the book back into place with his nose and walked nonchalantly away. 

To this I say, we don’t dare put up holiday decorations, but we admire your respect for Hansel and Gretel.

  1. bipolarlawyercook says:

    Oh my goodness– good thing he doesn’t have thumbs, you’d be doomed!

    Glad the fumes have abated… any idea what they were?

  2. backlist says:

    No idea. There was a slight tinge in the air this afternoon too, but nothing like yesterday.

  3. rye says:

    Haha, to chew?? Maybe he wanted to READ the book. Maybe you have been suppressing his superior intellect. I mean, maybe.

    And thank goodness those fumes have dissipated!

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