why are woman so bitter as they get older?

Posted: 14 December 2007 in bitter old woman

Really?  Did you find what you were looking for when you got to my site by searching “why are women so bitter as they get older?”  I mean, I actually like my “bitter old woman” category.  It makes me feel like I’m at least owning my complaints.  Right?  I could tag all my bitter entries under something benign like “oh geez” or something trendy like “rants.”  I already have an “observations” category that I use more frequently than bitter old woman, but you know, for you, I might start using it more.

By the way, a glance at my bitter category turns up these things about me:  I’m idealistic.  I have headaches for which I don’t like to take drugs.  I don’t like hate mongers and my nose is sensitive.  I had a string of bad luck in 2006, my mother makes bizarre birthday rules, I work for an organization that sometimes doesn’t make good decisions and once, in August, my AC wasn’t working.  Really, I don’t think I’m all that bitter as I’m getting older.

Confidential to Searcher: By the way, I think some folks are just born bitter.  Not cause they’re old.  Or women.  Maybe that someone is you?


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