What Kind of Name is “Mid-Atlantic” Anyway?

Posted: 16 December 2007 in bitter old woman, DC

DC is in an awkward part of the country.  It’s kind of a like the gangly 13-year-old who can’t fit in with the hip teenagers or with the childish young’ens.  Weather-wise, we get lumped in with the South some of the time (see: drought) and with the Northeast the rest of the time (see: yankees.)  We even have a terrible name for our region – “the mid-atlantic” – that doesn’t really apply to anyone but us, the folks 20 miles to the north and the folks 30 miles to the south.  Any further in either direction and you’re thoroughly south (see: sweet tea) or north (see: every cool storm.)  Case in point, CNN states “Winter storm buries much of eastern U.S. ”  Now, if you click that, they graciously clarify that it’s really only the great lakes states they’re talking about.  You don’t have to tell me.  After a week of winter scrambling (you should see suburbia scramble for milk and bottled water at the hint of a storm), we got zip.  Some rain.  No sleet.  No freezing rain.  No snow.  No ice, no hail, no winter weather of any kind.  I didn’t wear a jacket today. 

You might wonder why I’m bitter.  It’s because I crave dramatic weather.  I know.  You don’t need to tell me.  I can see you looking all aghast.  But the tornadoes, you’re saying!  And what about Katrina?  And all those children that died during (name your event here)!  I don’t crave death and destruction, but I love violent weather.  It’s a character flaw.  I felt a tiny bit gratified when the wind picked up this evening.  I like to hear the wind rattle the windows but I’d rather have it knock out the power for awhile.  I’m sure I’d feel differently if I had ever lost anyone or anything to extreme weather.  Okay, I promise I will.  In the meantime, I look forward to the next Nor’easter that threatens DC (I say threaten cause we only ever get real weather every five years or so) and the upcoming rainy spring (wishful thinking, I admit) and I truly hope that, when we move, it will be to a place with weather extremes. 

  1. bipolarlawyercook says:

    Come visit me during our next hurricane. We can go to the beach in our gore-tex and watch the waves crash.

  2. backlist says:

    It’s got to be the bipolar!

  3. hmw says:

    Let me tell you how I was looking forward to some decent snow this week…..but noooooo….I’m in Philly and we got crap rain on Thursday and some sleet last night that even if it had been snow – and not turned into rain – would have been gone by the time I got up and it was 49 degrees!!

    But yeah…..my husband is up the Poconos with his dad and they got about four inches at the house on Thursday but even they only got some sleet and rain with this round……I would love a good Nor’Easter to just hang out here for the day or two before Christmas……


  4. rye says:

    Richmond (VA) isn’t that far from DC – I feel ya on the boring weather. And I’ve always hated the term “mid-Atlantic” as well. I mean where IS that, exactly??

  5. backlist says:

    I looked it up on the map and it was “Nowhereville, Crapweather, USA.

  6. linaria says:

    that it’s really only the great lakes states they’re talking about.

    Uh, nuh-uh. We got over a foot of snow on Thursday, and then a nice sheet of ice on Sunday to top it off. You want dramatic weather, you can move up here. But you have to take the cows as well. I’d much rather have a nice metropolitan cultural center, mid-Atlantic or no.

  7. backlist says:

    Oooh I knew you’d tune in as soon as you got power back, shoveled out and built a fire for warmth. Congratulations on surviving.

  8. cyclogenesis says:

    The Mid-Atlantic is the term given to the Eastern Seaboard that is A) Not apart of New England and B) Not apart of the south.

    The Mid-Atlantic States therefore include: NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD and VA (well at least Northern Virginia). So it’s basically the area of the Northeastern Megalopolis outside of New England. The Northeast makes up: New England States and Mid-Atlantic States.

    We need a damn blizzard — I think most people here want one. You aren’t crazy for liking exciting weather — it means you find severe weather awe inspiring.

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