I apologize in advance…

Posted: 17 December 2007 in other folks, writing

Well, when I posted about privacy I mentioned my brother-in-law, who has an active and public YouTube account.  Some of you wondered what it was.  Three days ago, he announced, in one of his many guises, his intention to run for President and I couldn’t not share it with you*.

You understand, of course, why I’m including you in this important time in my life.  I simply can’t persevere in this campaign without you.  I’ll clearly be throwing my full support to him, particularly because of his plans to reduce the earth’s gravity by 50% to limit the number of overweight people.  That’s at minute 3:04, folks.

If you’d like to check out my brother-in-law for yourself, go forth.  Just in case you’re browsing, let me draw your attention to this tidbit, “Subscribing to my channel is like making out with your cousin; something to do when you’re bored but you wouldn’t want your friends to know about it. ”

*You realize that it’s satire, I know.  But just in case, I thought I’d remind you.  Check out the hat.

  1. rye says:

    The big JC for VP! hahahahaha I love it!

    Oh, and the hat is THE BEST!

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