Stress Proof your Holiday

Posted: 24 December 2007 in observations, other folks

Many of you are joining me tomorrow in either a celebration or toleration (so not a word) of December 25th.  For those of you that have already passed through your obligatory religious rite, or have forsworn such frivolity, think of this as advice for the next time you’re coping with something, well, stressful. 

I’ve mentioned Mark and his Daily Apple before, so I won’t belabor the fact that I don’t always agree with him.  That said, he had a ray of hope for me today and I share it with you, “7 Tips to Beat Stress Right Now.”  However, since you may not have the time or inclination to read, I bring you the key points and my personal strategies to help inspire you.

Tip 1: Own your stress.  Mark suggests that you stop stressing about being stressed and accept it in a zen fashion.  I plan to embrace this immediately, refusing to feel bad for needing time to decompress from the thirteen different holiday singing/dancing/drum playing decorations that my nieces and nephew usually play simultaneously.  Oh, do I look like I’m in a coma?  Yes, well, that would be the bears-playing-jingle-bells coma. 

Tip 2: Set priorities.  Pick three things you want to do and focus on nothing else.  I’ll be picking self-preservation, no crimes committed against others and one hour of peace in the middle of the day.  You’ll note that smiling and apologizing are not part of my priorities.

Tip 3: Play the hypothetical game.  Mark says it’s not that bad – just think of how it could be worse.  Mark has not met my extended family. 

Tip 4: Simplify.  Really, one line from this tip sums it up, “You don’t have to be in God’s business.”  So I’ll be practicing tomorrow by accepting that I may well catch my nephew’s cold because of this one line from my mother-in-law, “He’s in that contagious stage right now.”  To simplify, I’ll start blowing my nose now.

Tip 5: Omega-3’s.  Mark says you should eat this miracle cure.  I am certain there are omega 3s in scallops, which is why I eat them on Christmas Eve despite not liking the fishy taste.

Tip 6: Basic indulgence.  It doesn’t have to be costly, but do something for yourself.  That is why we will be having Dunkin Donuts and coffee for breakfast (provided they are open).  They have omega 3s right?  Especially the filled ones?

And finally, Tip 7: Exercise. Don’t just sit there, move.  I’ll be doing just that.  Moving the dog around the block, moving the shoes/books/cars off of the couch, moving away from anyone making mouth noises, moving my mind away from the image of a mouse eating the gift for my brother-in-law, moving my wife out the door for a midday break.  I’ll be moving.  You be too.  We’ll be a match made in heaven.

Points for surviving.


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