Thank You

Posted: 26 December 2007 in joy, writing

For all the moaning and complaining I’ve done over the past several days, it’s a small miracle you’re still here.  Oh, you aren’t?  Well, fair enough then.  Fortunately for us both, I don’t mind mumbling to myself in a dark corner. 

While you’re away, getting a breath of fresh air, I’ll be here writing thank you notes.  I suppose I should think of it as an awful, tedious task, but I actually enjoy it.  It’s true, though you wouldn’t know that by the lack of timeliness with which they are posted.  I love to pick just the right notecard and fill it with blue-inked script.  And although I have a few different designs, I’d like to buy some beautiful, heavy cream cards to send – maybe with a discrete black M in the corner.  Being a left-hander, it’s important to me that neither the pen nor paper be conducive to smearing.  Since I like to use pens with thick, luxurious ink, it’s critical that the paper suck it up right away.

Given my handedness, my mother was convinced I’d have terrible penmenship  and I did.  Fortunately when I started a writing habit, it changed into a slanting, legible, even nice, script.  To this day, she comments on the improvement.  She is also the architect of my thank you note structure.  Always thank them, she said.  Always tell them what you’re doing with those shoes/magnets/checks.  Always tell them a bit about your life and ask after their heath.  Thank them again, don’t forget.  Sign it love.  You aren’t a stranger!  They gave you a gift!

In the course I teach on etiquette for diplomats, we urge them to get those thank you notes out in 24 hours.  Immediately, if at all possible.  I admit I don’t adhere to that in my own life, and my little sisters routinely show me up.  I like to think that the content of my notes is worth waiting for.  But I admit, the reason those notes are late is because I love to write them so much, I like to wait for just the perfect moment.  And sometimes, that moment is more than a little late.

  1. dylan says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever written a thank you note in my life. I’m so uncouth.

  2. bipolarlawyercook says:

    I don’t _love_ writing thank you notes, but I’ve definitely had it ingrained in me as something that Must Be Done. I don’t mind it, though, and I do love shopping for cards and pens.

    Crane makes some lovely thirsty cream cards with deckle edging. I use them mostly for business correspondence, but every once in a while I bust them out for someone special. : )

  3. rye says:

    I was supposed to be writing my thank-you cards today … but I got distracted? Maybe if I had some fancy stationery to inspire me! I LOVE stationery!!!

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