Sunday, Sunday

Posted: 30 December 2007 in joy

Today was a very peaceful day.  It was the first since school ended in December that I’ve felt relaxed enough to laze around reading a book and generally not getting anything accomplished.  I didn’t clean, or study, or apply for a new job, or look at my resume.  I did work a little (but it was fun html work.)  I did read a trashy novel (thank you Readers’ Advisory class.)  I did eat all orange foods (not for any particular reason) and I am going to see a movie tonight (Sweeney Todd.)

That is not to say that I didn’t do a little something for you, dear readers.   First, I picked out this lovely teacup for you.  I thought it aptly expressed the way I’ve felt about you lately.  And oh yes, I watched Tila’s reunion and I have plenty to say.  Stay tuned and stay away from the barber.  The demon barber. 

  1. rye says:

    Ohh! I want to see Sweeney Todd!!

    AND I just watched the reunion show the other night finally – I’m excited to hear your take on everything. Glad you had a peaceful day 🙂

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