Just Say No

Posted: 31 December 2007 in bitter old woman, observations

I was going to post an outraged bit of blather about this article on CNN.  I would have told you how ridiculous I thought it was that Chelsea Clinton is being harangued in the press for refusing to give the poor little nine-year-old national publication journalist an interview.  And you would have agreed with me that giving the nine-year-old a grown up reason for not giving the interview and then a compliment was good enough.  I would have moaned that we should still be able to say no without getting lampooned and you would have said yes (because you’re afraid of being lampooned by my outrage.)  I was going to do that, but then I decided I was done being outraged for 2007.  Happy New Year. 

Points for surviving. 

Confidential to 2007: You were good to me 2007, but I sincerely hope 2008 is better.  Seriously, 2007 – you really need to let go of some of 2005’s issues.  I don’t want you being a bad influence on 2008.

  1. rye says:

    Happy New Year!!!

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