The Book Project: Walking in Circles Before Lying Down

Posted: 19 January 2008 in the book project

What, Who, When: Walking in Circles Before Lying Downby Merrill Markoe in 2007

Why on Earth: D.’s sister usually gives me terrific gifts.  She’s thoughtful and puts together a better Christmas for me each year than my family can even hope to muster.  I think she buys the things she’d like to get if she lived in a lovely little house with more money and no kids and no dirty husband and she almost always hits the target perfectly.  This year she outdid herself, coming up with some things on her own as well as working with D. to get a couple of things I truly wanted. 

She handed over Walking in Circles Before Lying Down with an air of reverence.  All, she said, of her friends read this, loved it, devoured it, laughed hysterically and became millionaires after reading it.  Well, not that last bit.  She even demanded I read it that week, promising to call and check which, from D.’s sister, is more of a threat.   She assured me that it would be a wonderful book.

Well?: Folks on Amazon gave this book 3 and 1/2 stars.  I cannot tell you what I give it because I refuse to read past the 35th page.  My biggest problem is the author’s attempt to mix today’s headlines with pure fiction.  This is an approach I usually find cute in limited doses, but this attempt is ham-handed.  A reference to Scott and Lacy Peterson is unnecessary, out of place and doesn’t help to set tone or define character.  In fact, I have no idea what it’s doing there.  At some point, the dog is supposed to start talking to the main character, to help her with her love life.  I suspect that is where the brilliant humor and life-changing reading begins.  I just don’t have that kind of time.  I think I’ll send this book to my own sister, who will probably love it.

*Note to Dylan – I don’t read that fast.  These books were short.  I skip paragraphs I don’t like.  And I had plenty of spare time the first week of the year.  I suppose it’s my posting that’s delayed, not my reading that’s fast 😉

  1. I really enjoy your Book Project posts. I really enjoy all of your posts actually.

    I think I actually heard about this book from someone. I remember the dog that talks part. I was all “Umnn.. that seems like a bit too much…”

  2. backlist says:

    It sounds like too much to me too. But then I think, ooh, it could be a good concept cause dogs get stereotyped with that whole zen thing. and then I look at my dog. And I remember why that book can’t be good.

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