Beauty Rest

Posted: 29 January 2008 in therapy

We did, actually, buy a new mattress.  It was almost as traumatic as I feared.  Why can’t I just click some radio buttons on a site and get a few recommendations, compare prices – fine, even go to an actual storeand try things out  – and then buy a mattress?  Instead there was a salesman.  He was gracious and kept a respectable distance.  He answered every last question we had (most of which I funneled through D. sotto voce.)  But I did not lie down.  I couldn’t.  I just couldn’t.  It isn’t that the beds are dirty.  Though they might be, it’s true.  It’s more that I just don’t want people looking at me while I lie on a mattress.  I suppose if I were lying on a couch, or on the floor, it would be okay.  They aren’t sleeping places and I’m not really doing sleeping things.  But in a mattress store, where things are set up like beds, well, I am not lying down.  That’s the end of it. 

Okay, I admit, I did sneak a tiny lie down when the salesman disappeared for a second but it felt terrible and I didn’t want to poison what seemed to be a truly delightful mattress.  So it came home with us, on D.’s word alone.  Now the old mattress is upstairs, rejected, while the new one lounges happily on our bed-frame.  I can’t wait to sleep on it.  Maybe I won’t wake up sore from the top of my spine to the bottom.

  1. bipolarlawyercook says:

    You’re a kook. Unlike me, who is completely normal, and without any phobias whatsoever.

  2. backlist says:

    I don’t mind making the rest of you feel more sane 😉

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