Posted: 3 February 2008 in joy

I wonder how you have flying dreams.  Do you flap your arms?  Just soar?  Float?  Me, I swim through the air, I’m an active flyer, definitely. 

I haven’t had a flying dream in five or ten years.  Usually I have them when I’m just about to be very stressed out (not that I don’t get stressed out quite a bit more frequently than that!)  It’s taken a couple of decades to figure that out and I’d say I’m a little late this time.  I think it’s part of why they are so memorable; like the eye of a hurricaine, I end up flying in the middle of dream packed with running, moving, doing, trying, working, rushing. 

Last night’s dream wasn’t much different, except it has been a long time since I’ve flown in a dream and my muscles felt out of practice.  I felt like I might not quite get off the ground a few times.  You see, I generally dive from the ground into the air and take a few deep pulls with my arms, kicking my legs together like a dolphin and trying to get just enough momentum to get truly airborne.  If it doesn’t work, I land and push off again.  Once I’m in the air, I need to periodically swim to keep up.  The air feels a lot like water to me, it has the same thick consistency and it bouys me in much the same way.  I’d sink if I stopped trying, but with just a little effort, I can stay up for a long time.  I’m not totally convinced I couldn’t do it in real life.

The rest of the dream was busy and unremarkable but for its dark tones, swampy setting and sinking houses.  Points for your own flight stories.

  1. rye says:

    You know, I don’t think I’ve ever flown in a dream before. Hmm. My dreams are so embedded in “real life” that I don’t do anything fun like flying. Maybe it’s something to do with being a bit of a control freak, haha. Ha? Yeah, I’m boring 🙂

  2. backlist says:

    I think I’ve got ahem some control issues too. I always thought I had those dreams when I was being unusually control freaky…

  3. Will says:

    I can’t remember ever having a dream in which I flew on my own mobility. I’ve had a dream where I was flying in a plane, though…then it crashed, and we were dead. Hm.

  4. bipolarlawyercook says:

    I’ve never had a flying dream, but in my dreams I can always run like the wind.

  5. backlist says:

    oooh fast running or even piloting. those aren’t bad dreams despite their endings (will!)

  6. jigsawanalogy says:

    i go through phases of having lots of flying dreams. sometimes, it’s like swimming through the air. more often, it’s like, i think i’m walking, but then i realize i’m walking several feet above the ground, and then i realize the floating thing just requires a bit of willpower… hard to describe.

    my favorite flying dream of all time? i was in a house, and then someone bad was trying to get me, and i was trying to escape, but got trapped in a room. found myself up near the ceiling, with the bad person below, trying to grab me. and i said to myself, “this MUST be a dream. i can’t fly in real life!”

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