oh, possum.

Posted: 5 February 2008 in DC, observations

I’m not sure about your possums, but my possums are dead.  Now don’t be like that, I can’t count all of them, can I?  I only know that my possums aren’t in the trees or burrows or hollows or porches or wherever they belong, but instead they are on the road, dead.  However, they aren’t flat.  Which is impressive, given the natural state of roadkill around here.  It’s almost as if, sometime last night, the entire local possum population got up, lay down in the road and died. 

Before this morning, I had never seen a dead possum. 

Oh you heard me.  Five years living here and nary a possum in my path and then one night, dozens.  What happened to the possums last night?  In my quest to find out, I discovered a few things that frightened me.  I bring them to you, in hopes that you can share my fear. 

They might not have been dead at all.  Merely resting.
I should have seen a possum previously, given they fall from the sky around here.
And worst, possums celebrate their attempts to kill humans on February 6, Jebbah Flossum Day.

People.  February 6 is tomorrow.  I’m just saying.

  1. bipolarlawyercook says:

    I have often sworn that in addition to Mud Season and Rain Season, there is also Suicidal Wildlife Season, aka Roadkill Season.

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