Of Robins and Ghosts

Posted: 6 February 2008 in observations, work

I’m sure it’s the unseasonably warm weather that brought those possums.  It’s bringing all kinds of things out.  Sharp daffodil spires are thumbing out of the dirt.  The gardeners have been wheelbarrowing mulch around.  The dog is stalking robins and I saw a cardinal in a bush.  Speaking of the dog, now that he is 70 pounds, his robin naivete is something of a threat. Having never been through spring, he just about takes off our arms when he sees robins hopping through the grass.  I can only imagine what he’ll do the first time a jay scolds him or a mockingbird dive-bombs his head.  Actually, I can hardly wait.

In other news altogether, I spent the day in the haunted room today.  Maybe you’re surprised to know that a federal building in our nation’s capital has one, I know I’m surprised to be stating it as fact.  I’ve debated for several minutes what next sentence should go here, everything from defending my normalcy to explaining how I see ghosts, to how I don’t see them that often, to why I’m not crazy.  You’ll just have to take my word for it though.  Suffice to say, I find it exceedingly hard to concentrate in this particular auditorium/meeting hall given the unusual number of things I end up seeing.

Today, it was a swirling, twisting, thick rope of almost smoke in the middle of the room above the heads of the class and the presenter.  It hung there, moving lazily, while I watched until it just sort of…went.  I have to say, while distracting in a snake-in-the-sky way, it was nowhere near as distracting as the tall well-dressed man who once stood nonchalantly leaning against a table in this same room while I ate my lunch (until of course I noticed him and then lunch stuck like a lump in my throat.)  He also eventually…went.  But not while I was looking, which I think I appreciated, in the scheme of things.

I don’t make particular point of taking a stand on ghosts vs no ghosts.  Maybe I’ve got eye problems.  Maybe that new mattress is doing a number on me.  I admit, I do love a ghost tour but never, ever see anything when I’m supposed to.  I guess I’m just “lucky” to see things in all the wrong places.

Points for spring.

  1. Will says:

    I want so badly to see something, anything, beyond the scope of “normal” reality, because I’m almost certain it exists, but I never have. Alas.

  2. backlist says:

    I have to admit that I constantly question it but there doesn’t seem to be a trick. I could definitely pad my stats (if you will) by being more generous with the corner or the eye glimpses, but I choose to only count the without-a-doubt, stare-em-down ones. And I still sometimes don’t believe it.

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