Have a Nice Day

Posted: 29 February 2008 in bitter old woman, observations, other folks, propaganda

When someone tells me to have a nice day, I usually say, “Thank you, you too.”  I suppose other variations on this are the gracious “thanks,” and the thoughtful “you too.”  I think you can also head down the road of “I’ll try” if you want to give that much info about your mental state away to a stranger.  You can simply pick a smile.  I’m sure some people don’t respond at all.  I have to admit that I was surprised today to hear a woman respond with this:

service person: “Have a nice day!”
lady?: “I will!”

Really?  You couldn’t do better than that?  I understand that the whole have a nice day thing is a societal nicety that doesn’t carry a lot of emotional worth.  On the other hand, I see it sort of like a casual form of chain mail.  Only good things can come of sharing well wishes with strangers, or at least accepting them graciously.  Sucking them away selfishly is sort of like collecting all the dimes/recipes/pyramid scheme donations people send you in the mail and not reciprocating.  Can you get away with that?  I expect there’s some karmic retribution for breaking the chain.  Don’t break the chain, lady.  Have a nice day.

  1. Dylan says:

    That is so selfish. That’s absorbing the entire chain of kindness in one quick swoop. What a meanie.

  2. amh2go says:

    On the other hand, maybe it’s her way of telling you thank you; by saying “I will!” she really said: “you know, everyone says that without thinking, just a social habit we acquired and blurt out 100 times a day without thinking. By saying ‘I will!’ I am acknowledging your little blessing to me, taking it seriously as I know you intended it, and I will indeed have a nice day.”

    In fact, the next time some tells me to have a nice day, I’m going to say: “Thanks, I will! I hope you will too.”

  3. backlist says:

    You’re right – in retrospect, I realize I might have taken that day a bit too seriously. It’s kind of like saying “Good” everytime someone says “How are you?” Habit and a social pleasantry.

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