Ah, What a Relief It Is

Posted: 25 March 2008 in bitter old woman, DC, other folks, the fantastic, work

D.’s family has just gone.  I like them very much.  I mean, for in-laws who didn’t speak to me for a fair part of a year just because I was new and unfamiliar and, in particular, for a mother-in-law who still mentions that maybe Lorraine could come down and help D. insulate her bedroom or clean the garage or paint her toenails (well not that last, but probably!), I really enjoy spending time with them.  They are also exhausting in the way that eight and sixteen and sixty year olds are for people without kids (or grandmothers) at home.  Indelicate comments and high energy aside, it was a beautiful weekend spent sucking up springtime in DC.

In other news, there might be promising news on the future front.  No specifics for now, but think kind thoughts and share any tips for sounding smart on the telephone!

  1. rye says:

    Survival is good 🙂

    Ooo, springtime in DC! Are the cherry blossoms out yet?? We’ve had a few emerging flowering-types down here in Richmond, but nothing “full-force” as of yet. I’m stocking up on the Sudafed in preparation, haha.

    I have to talk on the phone a lot with new clients for work. I don’t know about sounding “smart” per say, but I know that if you sit up straight and smile while talking it makes you sound friendly and “phone-confident.” It sounds stupid (and you’ll feel a little stupid smiling at no one), but I swear it works! Good luck – can’t wait to hear this mysterious news!

  2. backlist says:

    the dogwoods, forsythia and cherries are just starting to get into it. the daffodils have been up for a week or so and there’s no sign of the tulips just yet. I think we’ll have cherry blossoms in full swing next week – it’s supposed to be very warm on Friday, that’ll help. Thanks for the tips! I need em!

  3. Ooh! Good luck! I have been remarkably lucky with almost-unprofessional levels of frankness lately. No, really.

  4. dylan says:

    Ah, the joys of family. I’m thinking good thoughts for you.

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