Someone Else’s Life

Posted: 26 April 2008 in observations, other folks, queerlife

This weekend found us at a 40th birthday party for D’s friend and boss.  Absolutely flamboyant and wholly dedicated to finding the perfect male speciman to share his life with, he was predictably shocked and sentimental at the surprise party that brought so many of his friends to one place.  I was shocked and sentimental looking at his group of friends – his mother and two of his sisters flew in from Indiana, a few co-workers were there and every other person was tall, good-looking, perfectly dressed, bald, and muscular men with perfect smiles, perfect manners, and perfectly tasteful tattoos and designer jeans.  I was so impressed that his very midwestern mother was comfortable, even having a great time, with his dozens of similar looking ex-boyfriends, potential boyfriends and old friends (though frankly, the lines seemed blurred).  On the other hand, I don’t think I could have stuck out more like a sore thumb.  Other than D, every other person in the room – no, really, every. single. other. person. has sex with men.  A room of fifty people and everyone was looking at the men.  It’s a first for me.  And frankly, I’d rather keep it as a last.  For me, I like to feel less like a zoo exhibit and more like a normal person.  And you wonder why gay men and lesbians don’t hang out more.  No wonder we can’t get a proper lobby together, we’re too busy gawking at each other, wondering how that works exactly.

Speaking of gay men and women hanging out together, you’ll note Tila Tequila is back for another try.  Just in time!  I missed the first episode, but never fear, I’ll be catching up asap.

Points for not staring at the rare lesbians.

  1. dylan says:

    I already think Tila Tequila is off to a bad start, but we both know, no matter what happens, I’ll still be watching. That’s what happens when it is the only visibility on TV… we flock to it like flies on shit. Even when it really is shit.

    I’ve never really seen the fun in hanging out with gay men. Sure there are a few I know and love, but really, all that explicit talk about dick and balls and hot sweaty male bodies makes me wanna vom in my mouth a little.

  2. backlist says:

    eww. you had to go and get all graphic didn’t you! now, eww, balls all day…

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