Tila, Redux

Posted: 2 May 2008 in queerlife

You might have noticed, I’m behind in getting caught up with Tila.  (You can refresh yourself with my outrage here, here and here)  I have to admit that I enjoyed the show the first time around, if only because you don’t get to see lesbians onscreen very often. 

D: Real lesbians?  Or FAKE?
Me: Mostly Fake.

It’s true.  I don’t like to admit it, but there seem it be an inordinate amount of fakers this time around.  I’ve got to wonder about the motivation though.  So, say you fake being a lesbian to get on the show.  You’re hot, so you make it.  You aren’t into girls, or maybe you don’t mind dabbling, but are you doing it because you like Tila that much or because you want a shot at fame? 

Also, completely unfair that she asked the women to display their talents and the men to have a fashion show.  Even if it’s a fake talent that the producers asked you to display, you still put yourself out there for criticism.  While the guys just wore capes and uniforms.  They put themselves out there, but not in that good way.  Ew. 

Let’s face it, Tila could admit she’s straight any time.  Also, I take things far too seriously.

  1. dylan says:

    Seriously, Tila is straight and probably so are a lot of the girls competing for her affections… but then again, most of those straight guys aren’t really interested in being with Tila either. It’s all about getting your 15 minutes of fame. And like a lot of reality TV today… it’s scripted, written for maximum scandal and to bring in the biggest buck.

    I was just saying the other night how it’s nice that gay people are on TV these days by the boat load it seems, but that the portrays are still inaccurate and it’s very spectacle.

  2. Linsey says:

    Straight or not, is it wrong that I think she’s cute?

    I haven’t seen any of this season, but last season I had to give her props for appearing to be a lot more intelligent than I gave her credit for.

  3. backlist says:

    I agree – it’s nice to see us on tv, even if we’re…fake. And Linsey, I’m with you. She did seem more intelligent than I gave her credit for. Still does, but it’s overshadowed this season so far by trashy companionship.

  4. rye says:

    I was watching on TiVo the other night and totally thought about you! Haha. (I’ve been away … umm, again … I like the flowers!)

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