Let Me Out.

Posted: 24 June 2008 in bitter old woman, work

Resigning from the State Department appears to be no easy task.  I did expect someadministrative difficulties and the occasional speedbump.  My friends warned me, of course.  Brave enough to resign years ago, I thought I might fall on them like a pillowy cushion of goodwill and sound advice.  But while supportive, they have offered only tales of woe.

“They kept paying me!  I had to set up a repayment plan!”
“It took me over a year to finish all of the paperwork; there were so many hurdles.”
“Don’t take your eyes off of them for a minute.  My retirement still hasn’t been converted!”

No one seems to be able to answer my questions about reimbursement for countless hours of unspent leave or how I avoid getting paid in excess.  I don’t want to spend a year “calling constantly and harassing” people as some of my friends have done.  I just want to quit.  In fact, here is what has happened in the two months since I officially withdrew from my assignment and announced my resignation: nothing.

Oh I’ve filled out forms.  I’ve turned them in.  I’ve noted my specific departure date.  And, nothing.  Silence.  It is now less than a month until I go and still, nothing.  I know it was difficult to get in, but does it have to be so difficult to get out? 

Points for listening.  I promise – good news is forthcoming.

  1. Dylan says:

    It’s like a gang/organized crime… they kick your ass on the way in and kick it again on the way out.

    I hope everything works out for you and isn’t too chaotic or stressful. Quitting your job should be a joyous occasion not one that cuts a good 10 years off of your life!

  2. backlist says:

    everything the state department does has taken 10 yrs off my life. I think I’m 103.

  3. Linsey says:

    Just catching up – congratulations on taking a new direction! 🙂

  4. backlist says:

    Thanks Linsey! It’s no 21 day cleanse, but it’ll do 🙂

  5. rye says:

    And I thought my company’s “thirty day notice” was excessive, sheesh! I hope all the kinks work out smoothly in the end (which is coming soon – hooray!) 🙂

  6. backlist says:

    It is! I’m so excited!

  7. WKC says:

    I’m pretty sure the federal government is the #1 cause of tree death nationwide.

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