I’m Sure There WERE Vampire Bats

Posted: 20 July 2008 in DC, joy, the fantastic

We spent Saturday cleaning out our storage shed.  Fortunately, it’s an indoor room on the second floor of a public storage warehouse so there were no bugs or dust tornadoes.  This tells you a bit about my childhood; one disastrous chore was to clean out the family shed located in the desert backyard and festooned with black widows, scorpions, webs of death, rattlesnakes and choking, 115 degree clouds of cactus needle filled air.  Like Indiana Jones, I pulled boxes from shelves with my fingertips, cringing and ducking as swooping vampire bats swelled out around my head.  Well, I never saw any bats, but you get the idea.  But enough about the ways in which my parents tried to kill me, D. and I survived cleaning out our storage.

I think this is a true test of a relationship.  Much like successfully driving cross country last November, surviving the storage in stifling heat tells me we can withstand anything.  Sure there’s an occasional “you’re doing it wrong” but for the most part, it was smooth.  Dragging box after box into cars and then into the house involved braving a creaky early Soviet-style elevator, swim-worthy humidity, various sets of stairs and all the aches and pains that come with being lazy adults whose idea of a workout involves more sheets and a mattress than actual fitness equipment. 

With luck, the rest of our move will continue at the same pace.  We’re dragging it out over the course of a month, so we’ll have plenty of time to test it.  But here’s to a good start!


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